Leadership is a responsibility you take on.

Towards a group of employees, your colleagues, yourself, a project or a given task. Whether your business card says manager or not. Learning to lead actually means learning how to perform this responsibility with your personal leadership.

Course overview

Personal leadership is a craft that can be learned. It just requires the right tools and, of course, training and feedback.

Personal Leadership

Do you lack the power to get your opinions and ideas across?

Master in Influence®

This course refreshes and elaborates further on, what you learned at Power2Influence.

Leadership Course

Do you need the manager toolbox and maybe also comfort in the role as manager?

The Influence Model®

The Influence model is part of the theoretical foundation for the Power2Influence course, which increases your positive, personal influence. The Influence model was developed at the American universities Yale and MIT in the 1970s, and it is today part of the curriculum for the MBA study at Harvard Business School.

Learn how to use the four influence styles and...
Achieve your goals while maintaining respectful relationships with people.

How can we help you?

We have three types of courses:

Open Enrollment

Where you as an individual can work on your personal leadership at the following courses: Power2Influence, Master In Influence and How2Lead.

In company

These are internal courses as for participants exclusively from your organization. These can consist of one course or a combination of several modules.

Individual coaching

We use our experience to offer what we think is necessary for you to achieve your goals and improve your personal leadership as desired.

Behavioral training

Because we have a very firm belief in what gives results, when it comes to strengthening the personal leadership: Lots of training. Lots of honest feedback. This provides learning transformable into action.

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What our participants say

“I am convinced that many others will benefit from the course. Regardless of the job function, there is a need to influence others. And as a bonus, you can of course also use the tools outside of work.”

“Super intense and good course, where more and more theoretical knowledge and practical exercises were added. Constantly challenged to transcend boundaries and see oneself as others perceive one – this was quite transgressive at times, but also incredibly educational.”