Personal Influence

From DKK 25.000,-

Dates and Prices

Start date: 02-10-2023
End date: 05-10-2023
Start date: 04-10-2023
End date: 06-10-2023
Start date: 15-11-2023
End date: 17-11-2023
Start date: 28-11-2023
End date: 01-12-2023
Start date: 05-12-2023
End date: 08-12-2023
Start date: 18-12-2023
End date: 21-12-2023

What our participants say

“I am convinced that many others will benefit from the course. Regardless of the job function, there is a need to influence others. And as a bonus, you can of course also use the tools outside of work.”

“Super intense and good course, where more and more theoretical knowledge and practical exercises were added. Constantly challenged to transcend boundaries and see oneself as others perceive one – this was quite transgressive at times, but also incredibly educational.”