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Assertive Communication

Communication with mutual respect

Assertive communication is the shortcut to reaching your objectives, while maintaining positive and respectful relations, no matter if you are a leader, an employee, a project manager, a negotiator etc.

With assertive communication, you express your opinion, while showing respect for the person, whom you are talking to, and who might have a different opinion or objective than you. In other words: Assertive communication takes place at eye level and is characterized by mutual respect.

Assertive communication also implies that you are short and precise when expressing yourself, and your message is thus easy to comprehend. Also, you speak for yourself, which means that what you express is your own opinion, objectives etc., and you take responsibility for these by saying ”I am of the opinion… ” or ”I find…” instead of seeking cover behind ”we” and “you”.

Training within assertive communication is a part of the courses Power2Influence, Master In Influence and How2Lead, and it can also be a topic at an in company-course held for your organization. You can learn more about the options here.