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Difficult Conversations

Be successful in having difficult conversations

The difficult conversation varies from person to person – so what you find difficult, might not necessarily be a challenge to others. When working with difficult conversations at our courses, you thus also work with your difficult conversation.

First, we give you training within setting an objective for the conversation – a lot is thus accomplished just by knowing, what you want as the result of the conversation. With the objective set, you can then identify the (leadership) tools, which you should apply to actually achieve the desired result. With the objective and tools determined your difficult conversation is no longer so difficult – especially since you also get to rehearse your conversation at the course, so you are ready to perform this with success when you return to daily worklife.

Training within the difficult conversation is a part of the course How2Lead, and it can also be a topic at an in company-course held for your organization. You can learn more about the options here.