Negotiation Technique

Your negotiation behaviour

When training you within negotiation technique and negotiation behavior, we start by giving you insight into negotiation technique, so you learn the characteristics to a good negotiation and the phases, which a negotiation typically runs through and their potential pitfalls.

We also give you training within negotiation technique tools, with which you become able to give yourself the optimum start to a negotiation in terms of clear goals.

Furthermore, we give you training within applying the GTO-model to elaborate a strategy for your behaviour during the negotiation, which ensures that you reach your objectives, while maintaining a positive, respectful relation with your negotiation partner.

By the way: Did you know that negotiation training is relevant to almost everyone, as it is a part of the daily work life, even when you are not formally a negotiator? Thus, priorities, schedules and resources are just a few of the items, which almost everyone negotiates every day.

Training within negotiation technique and negotiation behaviour can be a topic at an in company-course held for your organization. You can learn more about the options here.