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Situational Leadership

Always adopt the most appropriate leadership style

The theoretical framework is the model developed by Paul Hersey and Center for Leadership Studies, Inc.

The essence to the theory is that a leader in order to optimize the performance of an employee must be able to determine the employee’s competence in relation to the given task and adjust his/her leadership style hereto.

The competence of an employee is defined as both ability (knowledge, experience, skills) and willingness (confidence, commitment, motivation) in relation to the task. There are four possible competence levels, which each has its separate matching leadership style.

As a part of the situational leadership training you will thus learn to identify the competence level of an employee and practice the matching leadership style of ”Telling”, ”Selling”, ”Coaching” or ”Delegating”, so that you can meet the employee’s specific need for leadership.

Training within situational leadership is a part of the course How2Lead, and it can also be a topic at an in company-course held for your organization. You can learn more about the options here.